What is Modern Furniture?

If you have scrolled through our site, or know anything about Lusso Inc., I am sure you have ran across “modern furniture” many many times. As a consumer looking for furniture, we want to clear up some knowledge and thoughts about what exactly modern furniture is and why its popularity is continuing to grow.

The term “modern furniture” relates to any piece of furniture that has been produced from the late 19th century to the present, and has been influenced by “modernism”. After WWII the ideals of cutting excess, and practicality of materials, heavily influenced the furniture world. It was a huge departure from ornate wood carved sofas and lush patterned fabrics.

Some of the most recognized designs in modern furniture include the Eames Lounge Chair. Created by Charles and Ray Eames, they were one of the first to use molded plywood as a furniture material. It’s clean lines and simplistic structer make for a perfect example of “modern furniture”. Wood Chair

Another notable designer is Marcel Breuer. His design of the Wassily Chair, also known as the Model B3 chair was very innovative for his use of materials. Chrome plated tubular steel is wrapped with simple canvas straps to create geometric planes that are visually appealing, and also comfortable to relax in.

Bauhaus Chair“Modern furniture” cannot be discussed without including Le Corbusier. Inspired by Breuer’s Wassily Chair, Le Corbusier created pieces with sleek steel support, and soft comfortable materials that could often be adjusted to the client’s needs. This was really the first example of ergonomic design. The chaise lounge, LC4, captures his vision completely and it still one of the most popular furniture designs today. Corbusier Furniture

We here at Lusso Inc love all furniture designs, but “modern furniture” is closest to our hearts. You can truly incorporate it in to any design scheme. We have furnished homes built in 1890, and also homes that were built in 2015 with a contemporary style.

The best way to make your interior look sophisticated, clean and sleek is through the use of some modern furniture.