A Recliner Made For You, Not Archie Bunker

My husband has this recliner. I call it his “Archie Bunker” recliner. He loves it and when I married him, I married that damn recliner. Fast forward 10 years and it still holds a place of beauty(?) in our living room. Surrounded by a Maxalto sofa, Antoine Proulx coffee table, and beautiful art. In relationships you pick your battles….and that is why I’m building a new case.
Lusso was very fortunate to partner this week with a new manufacturer. JORI was founded by Juan Jorion in 1963, when he began creating and producing contemporary seating. Over the years JORI has become known for their luxury leather seating that can be customized to the clients needs. They always aim for “mental comfort” when designing their pieces. What this means is that the comfort, quality, and design are so in sync that the body can relax completely.

There are many many manufacturers out there producing recliners for a high end market, but JORI takes it a step further. Almost all of their models come in a variety of seating heights, depths, and back heights. They also create many built-in features that allow the client to adjust the chair to their personal needs.

JORI offers two different style recliners. The first is the “recliner”. What this means is that the back and footstool can be adjusted in a single movement, much like your traditional recliner. JORI has created 16 different recliners under this category. One of these is the “BRAINBUILDER”. It is produced in two different seat heights, and is available with an optional motor and remote. JORI Recliner

The next style of recliner JORI offers is called the “TV CHAIR”. What this means is that the back and footstool can be adjusted independently from each other offering more versatility. There are 11 different varieties of this chair. One is the “NIDO”. This is called “the TV chair of your dreams”! The cocoon shape hugs you, offering the ultimate comfort. This chair comes in three different sizes, Mini-, Medi and Maxi-size, and you can choose from EIGHT different bases! That’s amazing.Jori Red Recliner

Men love their recliners. I’m pretty sure this goes back to caveman days when they reclined on rocks. But let’s be honest, we ALL love recliners. Putting your feet up after a long day is heaven. Now you can have a comfortable chair, that is also a work of art.

Much love and relaxation- Julie, for LUSSO