Everything happens around the table

In a world of go go go, working as hard as we can to make as much money as we can, and always being on our computer, tablet, or phone (pick your vice), the beautiful art of face to face conversation has been lost. We are all busy, but that should never be an excuse. We all have to eat, and sitting down around the dining table with your family for at least one meal a day can make all the difference in our relationships. Whether you are a family of 2 or a family of 10, doing this is important.

Creating an inviting and functional dining room can help aid in this challenge that busy families face. When I think of a dining room, I think of warm woods and a cozy space. We, at Lusso, love the dining table designs by Antoine Proulx. Made in the USA, these pieces can be customized to your specifications and needs. The quality and design of Antoine Proulx is meant to be handed down through the generations.

Perhaps your style is more fun. You like pops of color and a little more whimsy! Driade’s “Didymos” table with it’s clean lines, comes with a marble top option for a touch elegance. Pairing this table with the “Lago” chair by Phillipe Starck, which comes in 19 color options, is a great way to express your personal style.
Another option, is to create a very open and airy space for people to gather in. You can achieve this look by choosing a glass top table. The “Magic” table by Pedrali does just this. It has a 12mm glass top, with a very clean brushed stainless steel frame. What makes this table “magic”? Well, it also extends at either end for when you’d like to have company over.
The kitchen is where everyone gathers and chats, but the dining table is where we sit and listen. Make your space one that you want to enjoy and you will find less excuses to be up and going all the time.