Utilizing Small Spaces

Moving into a new home can be one of the more stressful and exciting times for anyone. People move for such a variety of reasons from needing more space, needing less space, wanting a closer commute or just a change of scenery. Whether you have just moved or have been living in the same house for a while, a situation may arise where you need to deal with small or awkward room sizes. Luckily, contemporary and new modern looking furniture can actually offer space saving designs that will help utilize every ounce of space within these rooms.

Kids rooms can often be the place that really needs space saving ideas. From toys, to clothing, to desks, oh, and don’t forget the bed! It can get overwhelming. Lusso represents a fantastic line called “Dearkids”. You can create a custom space for your child, or yourself, that includes storage, desk, and bed all in one. dearkids

Another issue can be closet space. Lusso is based in Boston, MA. We have very beautiful, very old homes. Back when these homes were built the need for space wasn’t as great. Nowadays we need much much more, but we are still confined to the small rooms. Enter another design from Dearkids. It is the bed/wardrobe combo. This offers a comfortable bed, with a full wardrobe below for hanging shirts and drawers for your clothing.


Probably the most important room in the house is typically the smallest; the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom you can generally only fit a small sink, toilet, and a shower, but there is no style. Lago has created a bathroom line that is made for spaces like this. You can still have room to move but there is a modern, fun edge to the space. lago

Don’t get discouraged by a small space. There are tricks to make it feel larger, and still very comfortable.

Fall Home Decorating Ideas

Fall is in full swing. The leaves are changing colors and we are even seeing them begin to Fall. Not to even mention that Halloween is in less than a week, it is safe to say we are in the deep weeks of Fall. One of the best parts about owning a home is obviously designing it and buying the perfect furniture you like. After you have done this, it doesn’t mean you have to stop decorating and playing around. Here are a couple ideas to change things up.

Rugs are the perfect way to warm up your home. There is nothing worse than getting out of bed and placing your feet on the cold floor. Kasthall has been creating beautiful rug designs since 1889. Today, they are still producing some of the most beautiful designs in the world, but recently they have been taking it up a notch. You the consumer can now design your own rug, and the wonderful craftsman at the Kasthall factory will create it. The program is called “Kasthall Atelier”. Whether you have an idea in mind, or need a little help, they can do it all. This allows you to have something completely unique from your neighbor, and why not design two! One for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter. Bright and colorful for the warm weather, and warm and cozy for the cooler temps.

Lighting is another way to change up your decor for the Fall season. This is inexpensive, and can make such a big difference. We at Lusso, Inc are currently loving the “Burlesque” lamp by Colico. They have a very Fall time look to them with the curves and warm tones. burlesque lamps

Another great lamp to brighten up the dark days of Fall is the “Tam Tam” floor lamp by Marset. The colorful shades add a bit of whimsy during the change of seasons. tamtam lamp

A simple yet effective change to your decor is swapping out your throw pillows. Lusso, Inc is proud to represent so many wonderfulmanufactures that have incredibly beautiful fabrics. One of our newest manufacturers is Black Tie. Their furniture is allhand made, and the fabrics they use are rich and warm. These are a few of our favorite velvets that they do. If you are handy with the sewing machine, you can make your own throw pillows, or have them made for you.

Changing your decor for the season does not have to be a big undertaking, but chose items that will really pop and make a difference. A rug, a lamp, a pillow, these are small but effective.

We hope you all have a lovely Fall season!

Best Regards, Julie for Lusso, Inc.

Your Bed is an Investment in Happiness

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your home is your bed. No matter how busy you were at work or how good or bad your day was, almost every day of your life will end up laying and sleeping in your bed. The significance of having a visually appealing bed and comfortable bed cannot be stressed enough. It is under this though that we just hope people put some serious consideration in buying one. It is an investment and the money you put in, will directly result in the comfort, quality sleep, and overall way of life for the next 10 plus years.

Here at Lusso, we represent so many companies with amazing bed designs. One of our favorites is from Pianca. The bed is called “Trama”. The bed comes in three different variations. One is solid wood, another is covered by fabric or leather, and the last is a woven leather. Each comes with a different look and feel, but the quality is high and the look is timeless.trama01 trama03


For a more modern look, the “Air Bed” by Lago is a very sleek, sexy design. This base is supported by four pieces of extra clear tempered glass. This creates the sensation of amazing lightness to the design, and feeling of floating. This bed is also considered transformable. Like the “Air Sofa” from Lago, elements like backrests, drawers, and even bookshelves can be attached to the frame.

B 34721

Having a quality bed is only half of the sleep battle. A quality mattress is what can make all the difference between looking refreshed and looking like a zombie. Lusso is proud to represent Somnium mattresses. Instead of having to choose between springs or foam, you get the best of both worlds. The foam though is not the smelly toxic stuff you get in the stores. These mattresses are made from a toxin-free, safe cold foam that is made using water vapors and air pressure. So, you get high quality, comfortable mattresses, that are also earth-friendly. Somnium also makes mattresses for your babie’s crib. Not only can you enjoy a good nights sleep, but so can your baby. somniumbaby_mattress

We spend 25 years of our lives sleeping. Why wouldn’t you want to make those the best years of your life?

How did we come up with “Lusso”?

Starting up a business is a fun and stressful experience. The indecision of possible failure is met and crushed by the future success. During the beginning process when Meryl and I started this journey, we had to come up with a business name. This doesn’t seem too difficult, right? Wrong! Our brand and our future is all encapsulated around who we are.

We wanted something sweet, strong and to the point. 95% of the furniture and accessories we sell come from Italy. I personally have a love affair with all things Italian. Especially the language. In Italian, “Lusso” means “Luxury”, and it is a beautiful word to speak. We felt like it defined who we are as business women, and the product we were going to sell. The second I suggested it, Meryl and I just knew that was perfect.

Lusso was created to offer clients a one on one experience. When you contact Lusso, you are speaking with either Meryl or myself. We regard customer service as the most important aspect of our company. Returning a phone call or email should not take more than a day, and if we don’t have an answer, we will still keep in contact with you. Nothing irritates us more as consumers than being ignored. There is no excuse.

When you order product from Lusso, you can be guaranteed that we will be there from start to finish. As with any business things can, and will go wrong. As mentioned, most of our product comes from Europe, so delays are often the biggest issue. The Italians are on a different schedule than most Americans. They value holidays, and taking their time…..see, I told you I loved all things Italian! And while we respect their values, we identify with our American clients and often the sense of urgency. Meryl and I are always in our client’s corners, working on their behalf, 24/7.

Lusso as a business, completely embraces all meanings of the word “luxury”. The luxury of gorgeous furniture, the luxury of having an easy buying process, the luxury of not dealing with issues that may arise, and the luxury of knowing you are being taking care of from start to finish.

Modern Lighting For Your Outdoor Spaces

When outdoor lighting comes to your mind, what do you think of? Most people may think of walkway lights and wall lights next to doors or garages. We want our audience to be aware of the creative possibilities that outdoor lighting holds. When you think of outdoor lighting, we want you to think of art and creativity with lights on your planter, sculptures, sitting on your pool, and spread throughout endless areas of your yard.
Inspired by the lanterns found on fishing boats, the Santorini lamp, brings a rustic, yet modern feel to your outdoor living space. These lamps are completely customizable down to how many shades you would like on each diffuser, along with their order, position, and direction. These lamps can be strung like garland, used as wall lamps, or standing lamps.
Another manufacturer that specializes in outdoor furniture and lighting is SLIDE. They have created something truly unique by not only offering your typical outdoor lights, but also accessories and even furniture that light up! A fun way to add a little ambiance to your setting is a dual purpose piece. The “Y-Pot” light serves as a planter to enjoy during the day, and at night the base lights up, offering a subtle glow to your space. slide2
If you enjoy something a little more dramatic, SLIDE offers the “Bench Pot”. This gorgeous, multi purpose piece acts as a decoration and can also be used as extra seating due to it’s “bench” sides.
For the ultimate outdoor lighting that combines both form and function, SLIDE offers seating, and tables that illuminate. One of these pieces is the “Rap Light sofa”. The Rap’s traditional sofa design meets SLIDES modern polyethylene production to create a truly unique piece that can be used inside and out.
For something a little more traditional, Talenti has created a beautiful floor lamp as part of their “Spider” collection. It is named that for the intricate weaving that their craftsman create using wicker. This lamp comes in a white or brown finish. talenti
The options for outdoor lighting are endless. This is just the tiny tip of the iceberg. If you would like to add a little something different to your outdoor space, please contact Lusso. We have many manufacturers offering pieces that will set you apart from your neighbors.